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Potentium Knights Academy

Our core belief is that the Force is a whole, not split into light and dark. There are no grey areas of the Force. The Force just is.

We believe that it is the being that is Light or Dark, Good or Evil. The Force has no effect other than giving the user more powers to use as they have been trained by their predecessors.

In the case of the Jedi, they restrict themselves to defensive Force use and close themselves off to their emotions, blocking out rage, hate, anger..... love. The Sith do not. They use emotion to it's fullest extent, even to a destructive point. They do not limit themselves in ANYTHING whatsoever. The Sith, being the opposite to the Jedi, are restricted to the power of dark emotion, controlled by their emotions and greed. But this is the conundrum of the Orders: the Jedi deny their true self, living a peaceful, yet unfulfilling existence without emotion. The Sith overflow that boundary, using their emotions and the Force to destroy at will. This is the gap that has been left by the two old Orders, and this is where the Potentium Knights fit. We allow emotions such as love with controlled passion, anger with controlled hate, rage with controlled actions. However, we do not allow the usage of such emotions to cause mass destruction or the death of innocents. Furthermore, we do not ally ourselves with the Sith. The Sith are our mortal and eternal enemies, and we shall always be friends with the Jedi Order. Attacks on the Jedi Order are FORBIDDEN. However, unlike the Jedi, we actively seek the destruction of the Sith. Surely, the Jedi do so as well, but we do so even more aggressively. Any and every Sith is an enemy of the Potentium Order, and will be attacked on sight. As said at the begining of this scripture these are the basics.


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Here, finally here is the announcement that I hoped to make more than 4 years ... You are all invited to the first national convention devoted exclusively to Star Wars, the STAR WARS FEST 2009, hosted this year by Torino Comics, 17-19 April to Turin Lingotto Fiere, Pavilion 1. I enclose the provisional program of the convention. All other info and inscriptions in the bidding program will soon be available on, or, or , flock to show that the Italian fans of SW does not have anything to envy to anyone! It will also present the Italian Club Battlestar Galactica, with its host, their efforts and all the sympathy that has become our collaborations something memorable Thanks for any help by spreading the call. Eccoci, finalmente ecco l'annuncio che speravo di poter fare da più di 4 anni... Siete tutti invitati alla prima convention nazionale dedicata esclusivamente a Star Wars, la STAR WARS FEST 2009, ospitata quest'anno dal Torino Comics, dal 17 al 19 Aprile al Lingotto Fiere di Torino, Padiglione 1. Allego il programma provvisorio della convention. Tutte le altre info e le iscrizioni alle gare in programma saranno presto disponibili su, oppure su, o su, accorrete numerosi per dimostrare che i fans italiani di SW non han niente da invidiare a nessuno!!! Sarà anche presente il Battlestar Galactica Italian Club, con il proprio ospite, le proprie iniziative e tutta la simpatia che ha fatto diventare le nostre collaborazioni qualcosa di memorabile Grazie mille per ogni aiuto di diffusione dell'invito.

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